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 * Nessus Development Header

#ifndef NESSUSNT

#define memcpy(d, s, n) bcopy ((s), (d), (n))
#define memmove(d, s, n) bcopy ((s), (d), (n))


#if !defined(HAVE_BZERO) || (HAVE_BZERO == 0)
#define bzero(s,z) memset(s,0,z)

#if !defined(HAVE_BCOPY) || (HAVE_BCOPY == 0)
#define bcopy(x,y,z) memcpy(y,x,z)

typedef struct {
  int ntp_version;      /*  NTP_VERSION, as defined in ntp.h              */
  int ciphered:1;       /*  TRUE, if we are using encryption              */
  int ntp_11:1;         /*  TRUE, if we may use NTP 1.1 features; should
                      better be splitted into different capability
                      attributes, but this one simplifies the step
                      from NTP 1.1 to NTP 1.2. In the future we'll
                      use caps, I promise! :-)                */
  int scan_ids:1;         /*  TRUE, if HOLE and INFO messages should
                      contain scan ID's.                      */
  int pubkey_auth:1;    /* TRUE if the client wants to use public key
                      authentification */
  int escape_crlf:1;    /* TRUE if the client wants us to escape CRLF
                     (they will be replaced by ';' if set to FALSE)

  int md5_caching:1;    /* TRUE if the client does not want us to send the
                     list of plugins directly, but just the md5 
                     hash instead
  int plugins_version:1;      /* TRUE if the client wants us to send the versions
                     of our plugins

  int timestamps:1;     /* TRUE if the client wants us to send timestamps
                     regarding the start and end of the whole scan
                     and of each server (msg TIME)
  int plugins_cve_id:1; /* the the CVE ID of the plugins along with their version */

  int dns:1; /* send the host name and host ip */
  int dependencies:1; /* send the list of plugins dependencies */
  int fast_login:1;
  int md5_by_name:1;
  int plugins_bugtraq_id:1;
  int plugins_xrefs:1;
} ntp_caps;

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